22 October, 2008

Best of Both Worlds


Cathy said...

nice blog david...great idea to bring your friends together.

btw...checked on mapquest about driving to colorado springs... it is 1074.06 miles from Moody to a Pizza Hut in Co. Springs... estimated to be about 16 hours driving. I'm pretty sure mapquest doesn't take weather conditions into consideration... so, it's pretty far...

maybe you can start a tradition in Chicago for Thanksgiving with Robert and others who also can't "pop" on home for the holiday.

love you, mom

ali said...

i think you should just ask people to mail you leftovers. it's easier.
looking at a trillion pictures of jason and hearing your voice made me miss indie fridays, spraypainting in your front yard, and the other fun things the three of us did. miss you.
also, my face was in that slideshow and i got NO shout out. but colton did. i'm a little bothered.

miranda kay said...

david awesomeness - this might have just redeemed that one from awhile ago - anyways.... it was cool to learn about your friends back home. :) thanks! ps - I'm SO glad that you're getting close to people here - amen. god is good. :) blessings david.. see you manana :) (yup - some others of us can whip out random espanol lines too) :P

Tali! said...

dang your mom beat me to it! i SO was going to mapquest how far Moody was from Colorado Springs! whatever.

anyways, i second what Ali said! i was in the slideshow TWICE, yeah, two times and i didn't get a shout out. okay okay i guess you've shouted out to me before on previous blogs, but you can just disregard that for the sake of this argument.

i see you in 33 days!

robert said...

oh my word! that is so cool man.. thanks i feel so special.. love you bro.. check out that vid on facebook..

Jason Leith said...


Thank you so much my friend. You just put a very big smile on my face. you are wonderful.

by the way, I started an ART BLOG! I am just continuing on from my original blog, JasonLeith.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

I don't want to add pressure to your already pressure filled life, but, you are running out of time. Thanksgiving is coming and "The Springs" is still far from you. My I suggest walking; if you leave now you can be here in time for our leftover dark meat (other than myself the fam is not big fans of the dark meat).
The D.H.