03 February, 2009

Super Chill


I have been trying to upload this for the past five days or so.
Sorry that I stink at everything and that the internet hates me.


tea sea said...

i don't forgive you.
but i AM happy David Giese was on there (as always).

just kidding!
well, about the not forgiving you part.
i'm definitely not kidding about being excited David G. was on. definitely not.

and i have no creative titles. sorry. take it up with B. Hath, Samuel, or Mr. T.

Jason Leith said...

The Weekly Word

Periodic Pointers

Dave Tips

carson leith said...


i like the weekly word and dave tips.

let's see...

The Relevant Report

Facts for A Finer Life

b.hurst said...

easy. factisode. done, next question?

p.s. hi, i found your blog.

Alyssa said...

let me just say-- HILARIOUS!