08 September, 2008



Mackensey Carter said...

Okay so I am completely lame and don't expect to win anything but.... BTP: (I have three.. and they are all equally weird and random but what can I say...too much time on my hands... anyways)

Beyond Trippy Pandas
Born To Pray
Blasted To Pluto

carson leith said...

become thoroughly pantheistic

Anonymous said...

boogeying: totally proper

-joe west (jest to david)

Cathy said...


After you work your biceps, you move onto the triceps...after the triceps...you go and have some pie...ceps!


Tal said...

Business Transaction Protocol
British Transport Police
Boston Tea Party
By The People
Bilingual Teacher Pathway
Black Tee Productions
Black Tea Products
Beyond The Podium
Blame The Pixel
Buono del Tesoro Poliennale
Billing Transformation Program
Biotechnology Training Programs
Back To Polymer
Big Time Potential
Back Talking Parrot
Bring The Pain
Burning Tree Project

Best Triumphant Phrases ^^^ (oh snap!)

Emily Schlicter said...

Befriend The Pope?

Emily Schlicter said...


Ms. Tali Constantz CHEATED. Mr. Joe West pointed out the possibility of using http://www.acronymfinder.com and it appears that she did in fact use it; however,...

Tal said...

hahaha joe west WOULD point that out.
yeah i just googled BTP and a billion things came up, so i chose the ones that made me laugh.

joe, shut your face! :)

Anonymous said...

but, tali, perhaps being poignant to befall to peeking bespeaks total perception 'bout the periphery. but that's plagiarism.

-joe west