12 September, 2008

LFMM Bus Stops


Heath said...

Thanks for the v-blog shout-out. Per our earlier conversation about perfectly scripted and always unique comments, "keep 'em coming!"

Tali! said...

it ALMOST rained here yesterday!
and seriously, i'm so jealous that you live so close to a little India!

Trevor said...

dude...hate to break it to you..but that whole bus thing isn't just a mistake in chicago...we have bus stops in the "CA" as well.

..if i had known that you didin't know this i totally could have taught you before you left.

hey dave, i love you.

meandmygiraffe said...

David your blog about our little Chicago adventure was hilarious! I couldnt stop laughing! My roomate was cracking up too! Anyways, my roomate wants to meet you cus she is Christian and wants to go to the same church you do!

sunshine said...

i watch your blog everyday, and pray for you everyday. i hope life is grand.

i love you very much.

Emily Schlicter said...


(learned from your mistake)