17 September, 2008

Gnimocemoh: Wednesday


Tali! said...

grammar police!! grammar police!! you used alumni wrong! as mentioned in a previous blog, alumni is the plural form of alumnus. but since this is your first offense, i'll just let you off with a warning.

jason leith said...

you rock dude, the costume is definitely brilliant and good job working with what you had. that's the man's way to make a costume. Thanks for the tribute broski.
I am really glad that you are having a stellar-awesome time and meeting chull dudes and dudettes.

carson leith said...


i promise i went to this page to say the exact same thing as you, but it was worded better.

"tonight, there's a moody alumni coming to talk"

isn't it supposed to be alumnus, if you were following the direction of one of your earlier blogs?

curious watcher

Mom said...

I'm so glad to know that I raised a Super-Hero and not a villain! It's a proud day for moms everywhere!

miranda kay said...

hey - just so you know. "that josh kid" is from estonia - good job. :) he's on culby 10 - our brother floor.. and you'reright yet again, he's a really cool kid!! another great one david- love it! :)