04 September, 2008

PrettyCoolMoves: PCM Debrief


Mackensey Carter said...

ha ha ha ha I actually laughed out loud about your dance moves!!

Tom Ulrich said...

Hi David - you're truly my son - I would have gotten lost also! Great video -- Dad.

Cathy said...

Maybe you might bring the google map with you next time! Does this mean you can cook, serve & clean up dinner when you come home at Christmas?

Happy Birthday Tali!

Tal said...

My dearest, dearest Dave,
This was the cherry on top of my ice cream, the honey to my tea, and the berries to my organic whole wheat berry muffins. I LOVED this so so so much! Aside from getting a birthday shout out, that PCM sounds sweeeeeet! i hear hair-nets are like, super indie now a days! i love you so so much!!!!

and thank you Mrs. Ulrich!!!!! :)