12 September, 2008

Fractivities [Free+Activities]


ali said...

dear david,
i love you so much
i may also have a crush on other david, the one in the stripes
don't take it personally, you are still my favorite

ali labelle

Tom Ulrich said...

Hi David - another awesome video. Was Tyler Cox there when you did the ballet stuff? If so, you might want to get your compassion major neighbor to provide counseling to Tyler.

Cathy Ulrich said...

laughed my head off!! You and David Geese are certainly "birds of a feather." I knew that was your shirt!!!

Thanks for the shout! And I know that Tali could never cheat...I can vouch for her character.

Love you,

Tal said...

1. i can't believe i was slow burned via webcam. EPIC FAIL.
2. that was a great blog. the dance at the end was really moving.
3. that picture of tyler cox at the end made me laugh really hard. tell him i'm sorry for being so cold hearted. but maybe it's the fact that you took a picture of a man down that makes it just that funny.

Anonymous said...

My friend David,
You requested that I make a comment on your video blog, the following is said comment: in celebration of fine arts on the next blog I am challenging you to make an "air guitar" stlye opera. I will mail you exactly $1 if you can get Tyler to participate. I will mail you $5 if you can get him and one of his fellow soccer teammates to join in.
Derick "The D.H." Hull

jason leith said...

your going to a ballet reminds me of my going to a symphony tonight. cool.

I also got to watch fireworks from the launching point on friday night at an Angels game. i thought they were going to hit me in the face, they barely fit in my field of vision i was so close. it was coolest college experience thus far.

love dem blogs!!!

AndysWife said...

Thanks for the jazz shoes. Jen is going to wear them for her dance class. obtw, you ROCK!

miranda kay said...

so... david - since I'm certain that you were refering to ME when you said you wanted to know how people are... :) I wanted to let you know that I am great, and that I love you blogs,and though I get to see you every weekday of my life from here until may,I still thuroughly enjoy seeing the creativity that God has put in you my dear (new) friend! :) and... just so you know... it's NOT the windy city becuase of the wind...it'scalled the windy city BECAUSE of it's long-winded politicians... hense... "windy" :) not to be rude, but I though you'd like to know the real connotation, and reason for the word. :) love from Houghton! :)
~miranda kay~