05 September, 2008

Mail Parcel


Tom Ulrich said...

Hi David, another great video. I cracked up when I saw you pull those chips out of the box. I got those in a goody bag from a 5K I ran in April. They aren't "South Beach Compatible" so I never ate them. Well, I'm glad to see them out of the pantry. Mom says she intended them to be packing material - they probably taste like those styrofoam peanuts by now -- Dad.

Cathy said...

Hey those chips are "organic"! You'll probably love them!

And what's so embarrassing about a sewing kit...Becky picked it out for you!

We miss you and love your videos. It's a good way to get more packages!!!!

haley said...

hello david i like haven't seen you in like a week maybe at least i think GUESS WHAT im a 7th GRADER now yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! well hoped u liked the cookies =) bye bye ttyl